About PaWARN 

PaWARN is a statewide Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) of “utilities helping utilities” to:

  • Prepare for the next natural or human-caused emergency.
  • Organize response according to established requirements
  • Share personnel and other resources statewide, by agreement.

The Mission of PaWARN
The mission of the PaWARN network is to support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response and mutual aid assistance for public and private water and wastewater utilities for natural and human caused events in the Commonwealth.

PaWARN provides water and wastewater utilities with:

  • A Mutual Aid Agreement and process for sharing emergency resources among water and wastewater agencies statewide.
  • A mutual assistance program consistent with other statewide  mutual aid and assistance programs and the National Incident Management System.
  • The resources to respond and recover more quickly from a natural or human caused disaster.
  • A forum for developing and maintaining emergency contacts and relationships.

The PaWARN Omnibus Mutual Assistance Agreement is available to all public and private water and wastewater utilities in Pennsylvania.

All actions, recommendations, etc. are made in accordance with the articles of the PaWARN Mutual Aid Agreement.

Board of Directors Term
Mark Nicely Chair 2 Year
Tom Mealy Vice Chair 1 Year
Dean Miller Secretary 2 Year
Max Gill Treasurer 2 Year
Pete Galinowski Asst. Secretary/Treasurer 1 Year
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